11 Best Freelance JavaScript Developers Hire in 48 Hours

I would recommend them to anyone who is considering hiring remote developers in eastern europe. As a professional experienced in ROR and React, I am excited to take on a project that integrates these technologies. I am also willing to learn new languages and technologies if required by the project’s needs. We needed a expert engineer who could start on our project immediately. Toptal Projects enabled us to rapidly develop our foundation with a product manager, lead developer, and senior designer.

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All the JS-based technologies mentioned above are different enough to require specific previous experience only when we speak about development skills. In other words, your highly skilled React developer surely will have rather limited success with AngularJS without sufficient retraining. There are plenty of JS-based software development tools, frameworks, and libraries, with quite different functions and purposes. With Expert Remote, you can employ JS developers within just 48 hours and they’ll start solving your problems! Hiring in-house, you will just solve your own problems all the time, and the hiring process can last months or even years with no success guarantee.

How to Hire Expert-Level Javascript Developers with Expert Remote

A recent extensive report by DevSkiller highlights that more than 70 percent of firms now prefer to hire talented JavaScript developers. It is also important to consider the industry and complexity of your project when you hire javaScript developers. Find out more about how Arc successfully helped our partners in hiring remote JavaScript developers. Crafting a compelling job title is critical as it’s the first thing that job seekers see. It should offer enough information to grab their attention and include details on the seniority level, type, and area or sub-field of the position.

We know that our clients expect nothing less but the best from a JavaScript developer hired. JavaScript is one of the most popular languages as it offers numerous https://globalcloudteam.com/ frameworks, libraries, and tools. The JS language is light in weight that developers use for frontend and backend development of web applications.

The 10 Most Common JavaScript Issues Developers Face

Our developers possess high skills in JavaScript and many years of domain experience. As you can see, hiring JavaScript developers in-house is a quite challenging and risky process. In most cases, using remote freelancers from a highly professional community like Expert Remote is a much preferable option. Check the results, finalize your findings, and make an offer. At this stage, your aim is to find the best performing specialist, coupled with the most advanced soft skills.

hire javaScript developer

As a software engineer, he’s worked for many diverse software companies from early-stage startups to Google. David is experienced with many web frameworks and environments, but he particularly enjoys developing with Meteor.js. He appreciates the importance of quality code as well as the need to meet scheduling demands.

Some tips on efficient job descriptions and posts for hiring JS developers

Offer test tasks to those who will move to the next stage or arrange technical interviews with them. Making either one or another can be inefficient when you hire senior-level developers. Many of them will be against test tasks, that’s why such a combined approach is preferable.

Our travel app experts are proficient in designing and developing on-demand travel applications to make travel more fun and less stressful. The dedicated JavaScript engineers provide constant technical support to companies for technical, software, or security issues. Build feature-rich client-side interfaces to impress them by hiring remote front-end JS developers. The offshore JavaScript programmers are experts in creating and enhancing beautiful interfaces.

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On average, a JavaScript developer earns an annual salary of $98,000 per year. These soft skills are critical for the success of a JavaScript developer, regardless of their level of expertise. Some factors to consider when you hire JavaScript developers include the platform’s specialty, developer’s geographical location, and the service’s customer support. Depending on your hiring budget, you may also want to compare the pricing and fee structure.

hire javaScript developer

Nowadays, tons of different CMS are more or less popular in web development. And all of them have special nuances related to data management, API architecture, and other fields where JS is involved. This doesn’t mean the developer must know them all but they should have a clue about different CMS, especially about those with which they will work. Both a high variety of tools and wide focus make it rather hard to find a developer with the relevant experience for your project. This also makes it quite challenging to determine real professionals from newbies.

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Get progress reviews and candidate profiles every hours, keeping you in the loop at all times. Verifiable experience with Javascript frameworks such as nestjs, node.js and express. Every interactive and attractive website requires the work of a JavaScript developer because JavaScript will indispensably be one of its languages, just like HTML and CSS. If you are creating a custom website or intranet platform for your company, you will need a JavaScript front-end developer. The most suitable one will depend on whether you already have an interface and want to refine it and make it more user-friendly, or you need to work with the API and the database.

  • Single Page Applications deliver many benefits for your business niche.
  • Worrying about wasting time with a provider who is not delivering?
  • Browse profiles of interested developers and choose who you’d like to interview.
  • We connect US-based companies with pre-vetted JavaScript developers based in Latin America.
  • But screening your candidates and finding the right talent can be a challenge.
  • Mongoose is an external module of NodeJS that creates a connection between MongoDB and the Node.js JavaScript runtime environment.
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